Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Links for "Information and DNA" Lecture

The virtual Cell
A Tour of the Cell
Inside the Cell
Cell Structure animation
Cell Biology at the Biology Project
More on Cells from Wikipedia
The Cell Image Library and highMag
Colonial Algae

Genetics and Genomics

Watson and Crick's Molecular structure of Nucleic Acids 1953 article
Journey into DNA
Cracking the Code of Life (PBS Show)
Explore a stretch of code
DNA Anatomy
DNA Replication
Transcription and Translation
Mitosis and Meiosis, and a comparison.

"To understand the human genome, researchers must spread their wings to all branches of life". Full editorial @ Nature

A paper about ultraconserved DNA which does not seem to be functional...
Frequent lateral gene transfer

Review of The Music of Life: Biology Beyond the Genome by Denis Noble @ Science

How Evolution Works - Minimalist Videos

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