Monday, April 20, 2015


links for "Collective Behavior" lecture

Artificial Ecosystems
Special Issue on Michael Conrad's Work
Sim Life and Spore (More on Spore).

Collective Behavior
Boids Applet
EPFL Laboratory for Intelligent Systems

Particle Swarm Optimization
Particle Swarm Optimization Paper by Kennedy and Eberhart..
Particle Swarm Optimization Applets.
Particle Swarm Optimization Visualization Applet.
Software Resources for PSO
PSO for prediction of protein-ligand interaction

Termites and Ant Colony Clustering and Sorting
Artificial Termites. Another artificial termine applet.
Mitchel Resnick
termites @ Flake's site
Ant-like task allocation and recruitment in cooperative robots
Bristol Robotics Laboratory.
Swarm Simulation Environment

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