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Ancient organism, modern immunity :The Scientist [27th May 2009]

"The adaptive immune system, which can recognize, attack, and remember potentially harmful microbes, may have appeared on the evolutionary scene millions of years earlier than scientists thought. The immune system of the sea lamprey, a primitive, jawless fish, contains two cell types that recognize and respond to characteristic molecules associated with invading pathogens". Full article @ The Scientist

Ancient Organism, Modern Immunity, Antediluvian Concepts

A. From "Ancient organism, modern immunity"

The evolutionary rudiments of the human adaptive immune system could have first appeared in an even more ancient jawed fish whose existence has yet to be revealed in the fossil record...

B. From "Multicells-Life Date Pushed Back,But With Confused Terminology"

Since evolution is definitely driven by culture, the evolution of multicelled organisms was preceded by evolution of cooperative community life culture of the monocelled organisms. Most presently observed biological intercells processes and internal organs in multicelled organisms have originated and evolved much earlier by and during the evolution of the cooperative community life culture of the monocelled organisms...

Dov Henis
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